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Massage Parlour in Navi Mumbai

Full body massage parlour in Navi Mumbai is an ideal place to experience body massage therapies at most affordable rates. It is accepted and proven now that massages can bring some relief from stress, body pain and other physical, mental problems. Sometimes it becomes important to take a break from your hectic schedule. Truth is that to deal with all the cruelty that the city of Mumbai offers to its inhabitants, one need to visit massage centers once or twice a week. Which is not possible for many but at least one can try for once in a month. Navi Mumbai is a better place to live than greater Mumbai. Though it is a part of Mumbai, still it is far away from maddening crowd of Mumbai. Massage in Navi Mumbai service is not new. Our massage parlour in Navi Mumbai provides excellent massage services at unbelievable rates. Professional and trained women and men masseurs perform excellent body work to heal customers in our body massage in Navi Mumbai. Dial our number +91 75061 58875 to avail best ever full body massage in Navi Mumbai.

Massage center in Navi Mumbai

1. Great ambience: We have done our level best to provide you with all latest facilities and relaxing environment. We use only A-1 quality oils and powders for massage therapies. For us customers’ and our staffs’ health are top priority. And therefore, we stress on hygiene. All of the articles that we use and our massage center is clean and clear.

2. Skilled masseurs: In our massage center in Navi Mumbai we have got all professional and experienced massage therapists/masseurs. They are experienced enough to understand and deal with each client’s problem. Name any type of popular massage therapy, we promise we will disappoint you.

3. Accessible location: Our massage center is located in a prime location of Navi Mumbai. It will take max 20 mins to reach our body massage parlor in Navi Mumbai. Plus, our masseurs can travel to your home as per your request. But in that case, you need to pay travel allowance for the same.  

4. Service we offer: We offer all sorts of popular massages that are high demand on market. Like Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage, four hand massage, Thai massage, Thai foot massage.

But before we start with any massage therapy, our masseurs consult with each and every individual client to decide the mode of therapy.

Massage therapies that we offer

Here in our massage parlor in Navi Mumbai we offer several massage therapies. Below is the list of few of our best massage therapies

Thai Massage

Thai massage is also called ‘Yoga massage’ because it is hugely dependent on Indian ayurvedic principle. In older practice masseurs didn’t use any oils or lotions

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is called so because it deals with deepest layers in client’s muscle. Deep tissue massage reaches myofascial layer of one’s tissue.A masseur

Hot Stone Massage

In hot stone massage therapy heated and flat stones are used to conduct the massage therapy. Mainly these stones are made of basalt. Stones are being heated

Swedish Massage

The term Swedish massage is more popular in European countries. For the rest of the world it is known as classic massage therapy. In India it is known as Swedish

Head Massage

Head is place where your all worries are stored safely. It never gets rest until you sleep. Therefore, getting your head free from all the stresses should be the

Aromatherapy Massage

Sport massage is for sport people, who face repeatitive injuries in every day’s lives. Sports massage helps to improve flexibility which is much needed for a sport person.

Some More Services

Male to Female massage

Female to male massage center in Navi Mumbai’s male massage therapists perform various erotic massages with excellent skill and hospitality. Erotic massages might seem not a good idea for many. But let us assure you it is not like that what it seems like. These therapies are basically meant to make you feel happy and burst your worries. And our massage parlor in Navi Mumbai guarantees you that you won’t feel uncomfortable. Your happiness is our priority. So, if you feel depressed and tensed dial our number. We can also travel to your place.

Male to Female Body Massage in Navi Mumbai

Female to Male Massage

Female to male massage is just other side of coin. Experienced and skilled female masseurs perform full body massage on your body without harming your dignity. These types of massages are good for killing tension and bounce back in life. Erotic massages like Happy ending and others are done here with excellent precision and perfection. Female to male body massage parlour in Navi Mumbai is highly concerned about our employees and clients comfort level. Ethics in business is our priority because that’s how business develops. Our female masseurs also massage women clients.

Female to Male Body Massage in Navi Mumbai

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is also very popular and effective. There are various types of Ayurvedic massages like Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Ubtaan, Abhayangam, Udvartana etc. Shirodhara is for those people who deals with high tension and are deprived of sleep. Udvartana is performed to increase blood circulation and reduce toxin level in one’s body. Udvartana is also helpful for cholesterol and obesity. Abhyangam is performed with hot oil to reduce toxins from body and improve energy level in one. Untaan therapy is good to improve one’s skin health. All of these are performed here in our Angel full body massage center in Navi Mumbai.

Ayurvedic Massage Parlour Navi Mumbai